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our mission

To create a comprehensive, updated and user friendly online directory of Tanjore , coupled with a search engine of Tanjore’s businessmen and society, the details of whom, can be utilized by citizens of other states in India and the rest of the world so that: -

  1. There will be very good business enquiries generated to the register users of Tanjore-YellowPages.com

  2. An exhausted and updated list if Tanjore based companies is made available to other businessmen of India and the rest of the world.


Our vision is to see TanjoreYellowPages.com become the wealth generator for those who visit this site and also for those who register in the site. In order to make our vision a reality, we have:-

  1. listing for all businessmen based at Tanjore ,Kumbakonam,Orathanadu,Thiruvaiyaru, Thiruvidaimarudur under this category, including e-mail (restricted to businessmen of Tanjore district).

  2. classifieds for businessmen of Tanjore and businessmen from other states of India.

  3. Tanjoreyellowpages.com Search Engine facility, which will work like any search engine like Google or Yahoo!, which will allow a website list to be register in it exactly like search engine with its key words.

  4. Tanjore Today Page: -To know the happenings in Tanjore today, yesterday and the day before.

  5. Shopping page: -For buying and selling gifts, sweets, flowers, etc through Tanjoreyellowpages.com